Payroll and HR services

HR and payroll outsourcing

Companies hiring employees in Poland should be aware of the numerous obligations imposed on them by Polish law. Without expert guidance in the provisions of the local tax laws, social insurance, the regulations of the Labour Code and the numerous rules set out by the Council of Ministers, foreign companies can easily become lost in the complexity of these laws.

HR and payroll services offered by Sterling Accounting include:

  • Preparation of complete documentation required for personnel
  • Keeping of personal records of employees
  • Registration of employees with the Social Insurance Institution
  • Calculation of wages, salaries and payroll
  • Making monthly declarations to the Social Insurance Institution
  • Preparation of annual tax forms for employees and tax offices
  • Monitoring holidays
  • Sending pay slips
  • Monitoring of periodic medical examinations
  • Calculating staff travel expenses

In addition, Sterling Accounting offers to keep full documentation – including travel expenses – for domestic and international business trips undertaken on behalf of companies by the Board of Directors, as well as creating an internal company policy setting out the guidelines for the settlement of such expenses.

The cost of our Personnel and Payroll services depends on the scope of duties entrusted to our company. These costs are set individually with each client during our initial meeting where the formal terms of engagement are agreed.

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