Business consulting

For years, we have specialized in supporting our foreign clients in opening and running a business in Poland.

Address for the company

We offer a place for your company’s headquarters and full service of receiving correspondence along with handing it over to you.

Internal audit

We offer an internal audit service of accounting books, tax settlements as well as payroll and HR settlements for the accounting periods completed so far, also in terms of the liability of management board members for possible irregularities.

Company liquidation

We offer you a comprehensive business liquidation service. We precede the process with an interview in which we obtain the necessary information from you in order to propose an optimal liquidation process.

Business allocation

Having extensive experience in cooperation with foreign entities, we specialize in the process of business allocation in Poland.

Other services

English-speaking accountant. Tax and business consulting in English. Financial and accounting services. HR and payroll outsourcing.

Limited Company Registration

Opening a company in Poland? Sterling Accounting offers a comprehensive registration service for limited liability companies.

Payroll and HR services

Sterling Accounting offer comprehensive HR and payroll services delivered by a team of experiences and qualified professionals.

Accounting services

Comprehensive financial and bookkeeping services. HR and payroll outsourcing. Limited company registration. Tax and business consulting in English.